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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Marathi Actor Abhinay Berde Biography, Upcoming Movies 2018

Abhinay Berde is a promising ,versatile actor of Marathi Film Industry. He has made his best debut entrance in Marathi Industry with Film Ti Saddhya Kay Karte released on 6th January 2017 in which he won ,”The best Male Debut “Award.

Abhinay Berde Biography  And Filmy Career

Abhinay Berde was born on 3 November 1997 at Mumbai. He is the son of Late Laxmikant Berde and Priya Berde. Both were well known actors of Marathi and Bollywood Movies. Laxmikant Berde was famous for his acting skills and was a popular Comedian until his death.Some of his Marathi films include De Dana Dan(1985), Dhoom Dhadaka(1984), Aamhi Doghe Raja Rani, Ek Pareekshak, Zapatlela,etc. Some of his Hindi films include Aarzoo, Saajan, Beta, 100 Days. Hum aapke hain kaun, etc. Priya Berde was also talented actress and had many hindi films.

Abhinay has done his schooling from Sinhagad Springdale Residential Public school along with his sister Swanandi Berde. He is currently a final year student, pursuing BA Economics, at Mithibai College.

Abhinay Berde Hobbies, Favorite Actors/Actress, Favorite Colours, Famous Place To Visit

Abhinay like to spend his time in Reading, watching movies and gaming. His favourite spots include Mumbai, Goa, and Shimla. His favorite actors are Shahrukh Khan, Laxmikant Berde ,Robin Williams And Kamal Hassan. His favourite actresses are Madhubala, Madhuri Dixit,Sridevi,Alia Bhatt, Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut. His Favourite colours are black, white and Blue.His aim before being an actor was to serve nation and be an army man. He had a great memorable experience when he faced camera for the first time. 

Abhinay Berde Movies List And Upcoming Movies 2018, 2019

His first film was Ti Sadhya Kay Karte,directed by Satish Rajwade,Produced by Arwind jog, Pallavi Rajwade,Nikhil Sane, and umesh Shinde, with sweet and melodious heart touching songs. The story was outstanding and his role as Anurag touched many hearts, made it more successful. The movie picturised teenager love,friendship, struggling, drifting apart, and happiness, and finally meeting the two hearts, everything in a mesmerizing way. It was his best entry in the industry. 

There is a rumors that third movie of Abhinay Berde will be lead actor in the directorial of Sanjay Jadhav.  But yet official announcement not available anywhere.

After the debut appearance Of Ti Saddhya Kay Karte, Abhinay Berde second Movie is Ashi Hi Aashiqui released in 2018. The film is directed by the Legend Marathi Actress Supriya Pilgaonkar, Wife of Sachin Pilgaonkar, The legend of Marathi Film Industry who has 7 stars as allrounder namely Actor, Director, Dancer, Producer,Singer, Story writer and Television Host.Joe Rajan and Vajir Singh also joined Supriya Pilgaonkar in the direction of the film. Sachin Pilgaonkar is the music director of the film and for the first time in the Marathi Film Industry. He is back in the Film Direction after a break of 4 years. The second movie of Abhinay Berde', Ashi Hi Aashiqui is a teenage Love story in which he is playing the leading role. The entire songs will be sung by everchanging melodious voice of Sonu Nigam. Expecting the film to be the best Romantic Drama with great performance of Abhinay Berde.

How To Contact Abhinay Berde

His message to his fans to keep loving and will make great performances with extraordinary projects.He is a promising actor and will be a part of many projects in future.

If you want to Contact Abhinay Berde, then He is actively participate in Social Media via Instagram-@abhinay3. Also can contact via his Facebook Profile and Twitter.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Actor Abhinay Berde Quick Tips For Silky Thick Hairstyle - Secret Tips

Are you looking for actors hairstyle secrets?  Want to know how you can make your hair stylish like filmy actor, then read this exclusive interview take by one of the channels and know the secrets of Silky, thick hairstyle.  Those quick tips are given by rising star of marathi movies Abhinay Berde.

Abhinay Berde has shared his secret of Silky and thick hairstyle and he also shared the quick tips for hairstyle and how to keep your hair thick, silky.  In this article, we are going to discuss about Abhinay Berde's Hairstyle and what he do to take care of hairs from his childhood.

Abhinay Berde Hairstyle - Ti Saddhya Kay Karte

Abhinay Berde is rising star of Marathi cinema who debut in Ti Saddhya Kay Karte marathi movie.  Abhinay Berde is son of very much popular comedy kind late Laxmikant Berde and Priya Berde. 

According to Abhinay's recent comments and Videography it is stat that he want to be a superstar.  As he have a status on his social media with videos where he said "I am here to become a superstar"  And Yes, who do not want to achieve the height of success.

Everybody, in every field want to achieve the highest success and thus Abhinay Berde also dream of Superstar and we can surely said that he can be a super star of marathi cinema very soon.

Abhinay Berde has a special hairstyle as we can see his hair are so silky and stylish which attracting to many youth today.  Abhinay debut film Ti Saddhya Kay Karte marathi cinema got hit with record collection on box office.   It is said that Abhinay Berde's hairstyle look is much attraction to today youth who is seeking for the tips to do stylish and silky hairs like Abhinay.

Abhinay Berde second movie is Ashi Hi Aashiqui directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar.  This is a teenage love story movie.  Know more about upcoming marathi movies.

Abhinay Berde Interview By Rajshri Marathi ShowBuz on Hairstyle

Rajshri Marathi ShowBuz had interviewed with Abhinay Berde, which video is present on their YouTube Channel.   In this video which is less than a minute, we can see Abhinay Berde is presented with his sister Swanandi Berde and mother, actress Priya Arun-Berde.

Anchor of Rajshri Marathi ShowBuz asked the questions to Abhinay as following:

Q: What is the secret of his stylish and silky hairstyle?  Bollywood has a craze of hairstyle so what do you do any special for hair which are so silky and stylish which gone crazy among today youth?

Abhinay Answer : I do nothing much, but I take care my hairs very much since childhood.  I wash my hairs with shampoo, do drying and oil my hairs regularly.  I do not spread Gel on my hair.  Me and my mother like fish dishes very much and thus we both have much proteins our, both hairs are so style and silky.  I love my hairs so much and I always take care it regularly.

Abhinay also shared his hostel incident on hairs that he was so disappointed while he was hostel and there he must had to keep small hairs.

If you want to know more about Abhinay Berde Hairstyle, then simply watch the video on YouTube and comment below.

Do you want to make hairstyle like Abhinay?  Then follow his tips to make your hair silky, thick and stylish.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

10 Things You Must Know About Akash Thosar vs Abhinay Berde

Today, in Marathi Cinema, we have few fresh faces and young actors whose films are released in last two years time, but those fresh actors are still being famous among their fans and awaiting for their upcoming movies.

We're going to talk about two Freshers, but established Young actors of Marathi cinema.  Those two are come from different backgrounds.  We are simply comparing over to over with both of them.  Those two actors are nothing but our famous chocolate boy "Abhinay Berde" and Sairat fame "Akash Thosar".

Yes, we're simply comparing both of them, Akash and Abhinay about their first films, upcoming movies, social activities, and craze among their fans.

10 Things You Must Know About Actor Akash Thosar

1] Akash was very fresher, common man to marathi cinema until his debut blockbuster Sairat released in April 2016.  After released of Sairat, Akash become Super Star in a Night!

2] Akash do not have or belongs to any filmy background or relatives or sponsored by any one.  Akash stood up and established his place in marathi film industry himself with the help and guidance of  Producer, Director of Sairat Nagraj Manjule.

3] According to Sairatchya Navane Changbhale (Making of Sairat), Nagraj Manjule's brother found Akash Thosar when he was busy in some sporting activity of wrestling near Jenur station and he (Nagraj's Brother) immediately send photo of Akash Thosar to Nagraj Manjule and What, Nagraj Manjule invite Akash for audition.  That's how Akash become HERO of Sairaaaattt.

4] Akash got full training from Nagraj Manjule regarding acting and important scenes which he acted in film Sairat.  You can watch Sairatchya Navane Changbhale which is making of Sairat.

5] Akash Thosar is Born on 24 February 1993 and he has completed Masters in Arts from Pune University. Height of Akash is 5.7 inch.

6] Akash Thosar's second movie released in mid of the year 2017 name "FU - Friendship Unlimited".  Unfortunately, this movie did not succeed like Akash's debut film Sairat.

7] Akash lose about 13 kilos weight to make him suitable for the role in debut film Sairat.

8] Akash become super star after release of film Sairat which is the top earning movie in marathi film history as of Rs 110 Crores collection.

9] Akash Thosar's debut film Sairat won National Film Award.

10] Official Twitter Account of Akash have 2339 Followers as on 17 May 2018.

10 Things You Must Know About Actor Abhinay Berde

1] Abhinay Berde was very fresher, but Star-kid before his first film release in January 2017.  After released of Ti Saddhya Kay Karte, debut film of Abhinay, he become very famous among fans.

2] Abhinay belongs and have filmy background as we all know he is son of the great comedy king Late Laxmikant Berde and Priya Berde.  His sister is also entered in marathi movies and her debut film is Respect.

3] Abhinay has filmy background and this doesnot mean he will understand all the things automatically.  Abhinay also have had struggled to reach at this reputation to show off his skills.  He also need to acquire many things when he is performing as an Actor.

4] We can say, Abhinay have got some talent by Born from his parents as they were superstar of marathi film industry in last two decades.

5]  Date of Birth of Abhinay Berde is 03 November 1997 and Abhinay has completed his graduation from Mithibai College, Mumbai. 

6] Abhinay Berde's second movie is Ashi Hi Aashiqui which is release in 2018 and is directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar.

7] Abhinay Berde's loves his hairs and he takes care of his hairs differently to make them silky, stylish.

8] Abhinay Berde role in Ti Saddhya Kay Karte is nothing but as Young Anurag which is of Ankush Chaudhari.

9] Abhinay Berde's debut film won him Best Debut Male award.

10] Official Twitter Account of Abhinay Berde have 3455 Followers as on 17 May 2018.

Note: We can not compare or differentiate both Actors - Abhinay and Akash.  As we know both of them are from different background.  Nor only Family background, but Age, Education and Skills.  So simply assume those 10 things as information purpose as we can not compare both of them properly.

Let us know, who is your favorite hero - Akash or Abhinay and Why ?

Abhinay Berde Address, WhatsApp Number, Email And Social Accounts

Are you looking for Abhinay Berde WhatsApp Number?  Do you want to know how to contact Abhinay Berde through phone number, or visit his home address to wish him in personal?  Read this article to know how to find Abhinay Berde Contact details online.  Get information about how you can get his home address, phone number email id, whatsapp number.

No doubt, Abhinay Berde is rising star and he will be settle in marathi film industry very soon as his first film Ti Saddhya Kay Karte got success with outstanding marks on box office.  Abhinay Berde got the acting talent by his parents as his father Late Laxmikant Berde was a superstar of marathi films and his mother, Priya Berde is also one of the famous actress in marathi cinema.  Abhinay Berde's sister also enter in marathi cinema after his first cinema released in 2017.

Abhinay Berde Home Address And Phone Number

Abhinay Berde is already well known as "Starkid" since his childhood, but when he entered in cinema industry, he got his own identity and his fans want to congratulate him on his success.  Thus, people start searching for number of keywords which are related to Abhinay Berde contact details and phone number.

Not only Abhinay, but every film star either marathi, local, hindi cinema, or English movies popular actors, actress contact details are search by thousands of people on internet.

But wait, Do you really think that those famous personality "Really" share their personal mobile number in public?  Do you really think that Abhinay Berde will share his personal mobile number on internet. ?

Well, the answer might be NO!  Because, not only those popular personality, but normal people like us DO NOT want to share their personal online details online. 

You may have seen that there are websites which are specially designed to provide contact details of famous personalities.  But, I am not sure whether the contact details, data provided by them is really true or it might be a phish pong to attract more people to their websites.

You might get the correct home address of famous personality through various sources like Google Map or websites which have authorities to provide the personal details of any normal people's home address and which have authenticate data from official sources can provide you the real home address.  Many Bloggers can also write the correct home address where the fans can visit the personality house to view the actor, actress in real.

Abhinay Berde House Address

But, I am not sure that providing such personal details through blogs is really worth.  Because, those are the personal data which should not be share in public.  Though, the famous personalities have lots of fans who want to meet the personality in real want to visit their address or somebody may misuse those data for any unknown reason.

Likewise, you can find Abhinay Berde's home address and you may visit him in personal at his house.  Search "Abhinay Berde house address" in Google and find any authenticate website which may have real home address of Abhinay Berde.

Abhinay Berde WhatsApp, Phone Number

Are you really looking for Abhinay Berde's WhatsApp Number or Phone Number?
Do you really want to contact him in personal?  Then here we have few suggestions which can help you to find Abhinay Berde's WhatsApp Real Number and Mobile Number.

Image result for abhinay berdeI am really not sure whether the information provided about famous personality contact details such as address, phone number, whatsapp number on internet is really true or genuine.  Most of the people, specially fans who want to contact the popular persons to wish them or for any reason want to talk on phone, whatsapp or they just want to check whatsapp dp status out of curiosity they always search on internet about contact details of actor, actress or any person who is very famous.

But, before you search, think that those people are very busy and is followed by lakh, crores of fans and they have their own lifestyle and they do not get time to attend phone calls, to check whatsapp regularly.  The phone numbers provided on internet may be spread by any close fan who have got the number from any other person and the number may be viral and circulate to internet, through facebook, twitter and other ways.

So still do you want to contact Abhinay Berde?  Then read further how you can initial communication with Abhinay.  You can contact to know Abhinay Berde upcoming movies.
  • Contact Abhinay Berde On WhatsApp:  
As of today, I am also searching the real number of Abhinay Berde, but I did not get any authenticate information where I can get the real whatsapp number of Abhinay.
  • Contact Abhinay Berde At Home Address
We only know that Abhinay Berde and his family lives in Mumbai, but where?  As Abhinay and his mother, sister busy in different activity, they could not stay at home most time.  Abhinay and his Sister Swanandi Berde studied in Pune so they were together in Hostel until school and then Abhinay completed his Graduation from Mithibai College, Vile Parle, West Mumbai.  So, we may update the data if we found real address of Abhinay Berde and his family.
  • Contact Abhinay On Phone Number
As already said that we have not found the real whatsapp number of Abhinay, we did not found the real phone number of Abhinay Berde.
  • Contact Abhinay Berde On Email:  
As of today, I am also searching the real email id of Abhinay Berde, but I did not get any authenticate information where I can get the real email id of Abhinay.  It may be on Gmail, Yahoo or other email services.

How to Contact Abhinay Berde Online?

Best way to communicate with any Stars is through their official social accounts like Facebook Page, Twitter or Instagram account.  Now, almost every famous person is active or have an official fan page or account on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  Likewise, Abhinay Berde also have official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  Contact Abhinay Berde on his official social accounts.

I think it is better to contact on social media rather than in personal to save your both time :-)

So lets support Abhinay Berde and wish him for his career in Marathi Cinema.

Note:  Even if you knowing the real number of any famous person, please Do Not spread contact details for your fun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Download Video Songs Ashi HI Aashiqui MP3 Songs Online

Marathi movie Ashi Hi Aashiqui MP3 songs can download online.  Know how you can download this movie video songs, mp3 songs online through various free services websites. 

Are you looking for marathi movie Ashi Hi Aashiqui Mp3 songs?  Do you want to download free marathi songs online?  Watch the video songs of marathi movie Ashi Hi Aashiqui online and download free mp3 songs to your mobile.  Read about Ashi Hi Aashiqui Full Movie.

Ashi Hi Aashiqui Marathi Movie 2018

Ashi Hi Aashiqui is a marathi movie which release in 2018 year.  This is the second movie of Abhinay Berde, in which Abhinay has played a lead role.  This marathi movie is directed by Sachin Pilgaonkar and produced by Supriya Pilgaonkar. 

Ashi Hi Aashiqui Marathi Movie Story

Ashi Hi Aashiqui is a romantic marathi movie in which Abhinay Berde has a lead role.   This is a teenage love story.  The full marathi story is available on Wikipedia as well as you may watch this movie online on YouTube after videos are released.

On Wikipedia, you can find Movie story, movie cast, movie songs, reference links and all the information regarding movie.  As soon as movie is released, Wikipedia can have the complete story of that movie along with cast, actors, songs, and relevant information including Director, Singers, Producer, Box Office Collection etc.

Download MP3 Songs of Ashi Hi Aashiqui Marathi Movie Online

If you want to download marathi movie songs, then you can simply download the app which can provide you free download mp3 songs in your mobile.

If you are using Android, iPhone, Windows mobile phones, then visit the app stores and search for marathi mp3 songs apps.  In this apps, you can simply search either songs name or search movie name.  

You can also download or listen all songs online or offline.

Ashi Hi Aashiqui MP3 Songs on Mobile
Likewise, Ashi Hi Aashiqui movie songs can also available in app stores and you can easily download all songs of marathi movie Ashi Hi Aashiqui in your mobile.

Ashi Hi Aashiqui MP3 Songs on Desktop
If you want to download marathi movie songs on computer, laptop to take in PenDrive or to circulate or to deliver purpose, then visit the websites which provide free mp3 marathi songs online.  Then search song title or movie name and download the all mp3 or any song which is your famous.

Likewise, you can easily download all marathi songs of cinema Ashi Hi Aashiqui in your laptop, desktop.

Ashi Hi Aashiqui is love story, so songs also hit and popular by marathi songs lovers.

First, debut film of Abhinay Berde Ti Saddhya Kay Karte also hit by all songs.  All songs of Ti Saddhya Kay Karte also available in MP3 format as well as video songs on YouTube.  You can easily download YouTube video songs using YouTube downloader software.

To download MP3 songs, you simply have to save the Mp3 format songs in your device and have to play in songs players.

MP3 Songs of Marathi Movie Ti Saddhya Kay Karte
Download Mp3 songs of Ti Saddhya Kay Karte online on mp3 download websites.

Ti Saddhya Kay Karte Songs

1 Hrudayat Vaje Something  Videet Patankar 4:51
2 Parikatha   Kaushik Deshpande  3:55
3 Jara Jara  Aarya Ambekar, Hrishikesh Ranade  4:55
4 Kitida Navyane  Aarya Ambekar  3:46
5 Hrudayat Vaje Something  Aarya Ambekar  4:54
6 Jara Jara (Reprise)  Aarya Ambekar  4:00
7 Hrudayat Vaje Something  Rohit Raut  4:53