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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Abhinay Berde Instagram @abhinay3 2018 Unseen Rare Photos

Are you looking for Abhinay Berde's unseen photos?  Watch the unseen photos and rate pictures of actor Abhinay Berde on his Instagram profile.  We have given some information about Abhinay Berde' Instagram account.

Abhinay Berde is very active on Instagram and sharing his latest photos regularly.  According to Abhinay Berde's Instagram account, so far we have found the following information and we are updating this post regularly.

Abhinay Berde Instagram Photos 2018

Abhinay Berde have 94000 Followers on Instagram and he is following 412 people.
His latest status on Instagram as well as on Twitter Account he has posted that he is a Nuclear Scientist.  His New Hobby is Kissing Mosquitos with Rackets.

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Abhinay Berde has uploaded 118 Posts + Photos in his Instagram official account.

Here we have posted a screenshot of his Instagram Account dated 08/May/2018.


Abhinay Berde has posted more than 100' images+articles+status on Instagram.

Abhinay Berde's Rare Photo With Father Laxmikant Berde

We can see the rare pictures of Abhinay Berde on his Insta account.  There is a Childhood pictures which got most likes and message in his account by his Followers/Friends.

We can also find the promotion images of Abhinay first Marathi movie Ti Saddhya Kay Karte along with movie's other stars like Ankush Chaudhari and others while shooting, and during the promotions.

While going through his Instagram account we found a rare photo which he had posted in March 2017.  This is unseen photo with his Father Laxmikant Berde along with Producer, Director Mahesh Kothare, when Abhinay was baby.


This photo might be clicked when Abhinay was a Baby during 1998 as he born on 03 November 1997.

Abhinay Berde Family Photo With Sister and Mother

We also found a Family photo of Abhinay Berde along with his Mother, Actress Priya Arun-Berde, Swanandi Berde.


Abhinay Berde is son of famous and legend artist of Marathi Cinema Laxmikant Berde and Priya Arun-Berde.  He is the eldest son of his parents born in 1997.  He also have a younger Sister and her name is Swanandi Berde. is dedicated to Berde family and today we are really missing Laxmikant Berde who passed away in 2004 when Abhinay was just 7 years old.

If today, Laxmikant Berde would have present with us, then he would have proud on his Son's success.

Today Whenever we see Abhinay Berde, we found Laxmikant Berde is presented in him as we can find a shadow of his Father.

First Movie Break of Abhinay Berde - Ti Saddhya Kay Karte

Abhinay Berde performed his best role in Ti Saddhya Kay Karte, a romantic movie leading by him and Ankush Chaudhari and other famous faces of Marathi Cinema, Television Stars.
This was the first movie of Abhinay and he got a good start in Marathi movies.  The movie Ti Saddhya Kay Karte god an excellent response by Marathi Cinema Lovers as the movie collection had reached more than Rs 25 Crores in just 20 days.

Images of Ti Saddhya Kay Karte From Abhinay Instagram Shares


As a part of promotion and excitement of first movie, Abhinay usually shared the first movie trailers on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram accounts with promotional and movie banners.

Abhinay was nominated for Best Male Debut Award by City Cine Award.  And we can see that the image of Nomination in his Insta account.


Abhinay Berde Won Best Male Debut Award For Ti Saddhya Kay Karte

And.. the Winner announced by City Cine Awards after nomination for Best Male Debut and this award goes to ABHINAY BERDE....


Congratulations to Abhinay for winning Debut Male Actor award.

Follow Abhinay Berde on Instagram @abhinay3

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Abhinay Berde second movie is Ashi Hi Aashiqui.  Watch Ashi Hi Aashiqui Marathi movie online, download marathi movie songs and know upcoming marathi movies of Abhinay Berde.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Abhinay Berde Upcoming Movie Ashi Hi Aashiqui - AHA Songs 2018

Are you looking for Ashi Hi Aashiqui marathi movie of actor Abhinay Berde?  Ashi Hi Aashiqui is second marathi film of actor Abhinay Berde.  Read this article to know about upcoming movies of Abhinay Berde and also get list of mp3, video songs from movie Ti Saddhya Kay Karte, which is the first - debut movie of Abhinay.

Abhinay Berde Movies List By 2018

Abhinay Berde is a young and emerging actor of Marathi Film Industry.  Abhinay Berde's first movie Ti Saddhya Kay Karte released in January 2017 and the first movie of Abhinay Berde in which he has played a Role of Young Anurag (Anya) who is also played by Ankush Chaudhari as a Elder Anurag.  The movie Ti Saddhya Kay Karte was successful in Box Office with a collection of more than Rs 25 Crores in just 20 days.

1] Ti Saddhya Kay Karte - (Released January 2017)
2] Ashi Hi Aashiqui - AHA - (Expected to Release Mid of 2018)
3] (Yet To Declare..)

Abhinay Berde may be next Hero of Director Sanjay Jadhav's next movie.  Read this article to know about upcoming movie by Abhinay Berde in Sanjay Jadhav's movie.   Abhinay Berde Next Hero in Sanjay Jadhav's New Movie ?

First Movie of Abhinay Berde - Ti Saddhya Kay Karte

Ti Saddhya Kay Karte is the first movie of Abhinay Berde, son of the Great Comedy King Late Shri Laxmikant Berde and Priya Arun.

Ti Saddhya Kay Karte is a drama played by famous actors like Ankush Chaudhari, Tejashri Pradhan, Sukanya Kulkarni, Tushar Dalvi, Urmila Kanitkar-Kothare, Aarya Ambekar, Prasad Barve, Sanjay Mone and other leading faces of Marathi film, television series.

In this movie, Abhinay Berde appeared as a Young Anurag who is played by Ankush Chaudhari as a Elder Anurag.

Abhinay Berde Movie 2017 - Ti Saddhya Kay Karte Cast
  1. Ankush Chaudhari as Anurag (Anya)
  2. Abhinay Berde as young Anurag (Anya)
  3. Hruditya Rajwade as kid Anurag (Anya)
  4. Tejashree Pradhan Ketkar as Tanvi
  5. Aarya Ambekar as young Tanvi
  6. Nirmohi Agnihotri as kid Tanvi
  7. Urmila Kanitkar as Radhika
  8. Prasad Barve as Pvya
  9. Sanjay Mone as Anurag's Father
  10. Sukanya Kulkarni- Mone as Anurag's Mother
  11. Tushar Dalvi as Tanvi's Father
  12. Anuradha Rajya as Tanvi's Mother
  13. Isha Phadke as Mohini
  14. Nitesh Kalbande as Pavya

Abhinay Berde Movie 2017 - Ti Saddhya Kay Karte Songs

Song No. 1. 
Song Title  "Hrudayat Vaje Something"
Lyrics : Vishwajeet Joshi
Music : Avinash-Vishwajeet
Singer : Vidhit Patankar
Song Duration (in Minutes) : 04:40

Song No. 2. 
Song Title  "Parikatha"
Lyrics : Ashwini Shende
Music : Nilesh Moharir
Singer : Kaushik Deshpande
Song Duration (in Minutes) : 03:55

Song No. 3. 
Song Title  "Jara Jara"
Lyrics : Ashwini Shende
Music : Nilesh Moharir
Singers : Hrishikesh Ranade, Aarya Ambekar
Song Duration (in Minutes) : 04:55

Song No. 4. 
Song Title  "Kitida Navyane"
Lyrics : Kiran Khandagale
Music : Mandar Aapte
Singer : Mandar Aapte
Song Duration (in Minutes) : 03:45

Song No. 5. 
Song Title  "Hrudayat Vaje Something(Female Version)"
Lyrics : Vishwajeet Joshi
Music : Avinash-Vishwajeet
Singer : Aarya Ambekar
Song Duration (in Minutes) : 04:40

Song No. 6. 
Song Title  "Jara Jara(Reprise)"
Lyrics : Ashwini Shende
Music : Nilesh Moharir
Singer : Aarya Ambekar
Song Duration (in Minutes) : 04:00

Song No. 7.
Song Title  "Hrudayat Vaje Something(Male Version)"
Lyrics : Vishwajeet Joshi
Music : Avinash-Vishwajeet
Singer : Rohit Raut
Song Duration (in Minutes) : 04:40

Ashi Hi Aashiqui - AHA Marathi Movie 2018

After success of Ti Saddhya Kay Karte movie, Abhinay Berde second movie is Ashi Hi Aashiqui - AHA.  According to the's Post, Sachin Pilgaonkar, the Legend of Marathi Film Cinema with 7 Stars AllRounder as an Actor, Singer, Dancer, Producer, Director, Story Writer and Television Host - Mahaguru has announced on 17 August 2017 on the occasion of his Birthday that he turned to 60 years "Young". 

The movie Ashi HI Aashiqui - AHA is produced by his wife and the legend Marathi Actress Supriya Pilgaonkar, Joe Rajan, and Vajir Singh.  This film has back to Sachin Pilgaonkar to direction after Four Years gap.

The whole film industry is knowing the friendship of Sachin Pilgaonkar and Laxmikant Berde.  Lakshya and Sachin, both worked together in many super duper hit marathi movies such as Ashi HI Banva Na Banavi, Aayatya Gharat Gharoba and there are many movies for which Sachin has directed Lakshya in many marathi films. 

Now, Sachin has directed Lakshya's son Abhinay Berde, which is his second movie after Ti Saddhya Kay Karte, released in 2017. 

Full Story of Ashi Hi Aashiqui Marathi Movie 2018

The Abhinay Berde's second marathi movie Ashi Hi Aashiqui released in 2018 and is a Teenaged Love Story.  Read our articles of Ashi HI Aashiqui Marathi Movie 2018 where we have mentioned full story, cast, mp3 songs, lyrics and box office collection.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Abhinay Berde Upcoming Marathi Movie By Director Sanjay Jadhav?

Upcoming marathi movies of Abhinay Berde in News!  Abhinay Berde upcoming marathi film is directed by Sanjay Jadhav.  Know the film name, cast, story of new marathi film of Abhinay Berde.

Great News For Abhinay Berde's Fan!!  The next marathi film of Abhinay Berde is schedule and will be release very soon.  In this article, we talk about Abhinay Berde's upcoming movie, Sanjay Jadhav marathi movies, new marathi movies, upcoming marathi cinema in 2018-2019 year.

Abhinay Berde Upcoming Marathi Movies 2018

If you are looking for upcoming marathi movies, then there are many marathi films are scheduled to release 2018 year.  Abhinay Berde's second marathi movie (after his debut film Ti Saddhya Kay Karte) is also release this year 2018 which is directed by the great Mahaguru - Sachin Pilgaonkar.

There are other marathi movies also ready and going to release in 2018, 2019 year.
In last 3 decades, we have seen that there are very few and successful producers, directors in marathi film industry such as Mahesh Kothare, Sachin Pilgaonkar, Ravi Jadhav, Sanjay Jadhav, Nagraj Manjule.  

Every year, those directors are always come up with new marathi film stories for the film lovers, along with new actors, fresh face in marathi cinema.   According to news, we can expect new marathi cinema of Abhinay Berde.  In that marathi movie, he will be the HERO in the direction of Sanjay Jadhav.   The upcoming marathi name can be available on Wikipedia very soon, which will release upcoming period.

Abhinay Berde, New Hero of Director Sanjay Jadhav's Movies

If you remember the director name of few Top released marathi movies such as DuniyaDaari, Pyar Wali Love Story, Tu HI Re and Ye Re Ye Re Paisa, then you find a common director in all those movies.  All those movies are released by Director Sanjay Jadhav.

Sanjay Jadhav is one of the famous, successful director in marathi film industry, whose films are releases on record break, blockbuster.

There are top marathi movies name which are directed by Sanjay Jadhav are the most remembered and successful movies with blockbuster, box office hits.  We have listed the movies which are directed by Sanjay Jadhav.

Director Sanjay Jadhav' Marathi Movies

(Released Year)    (Movies Name)

2008                 Checkmate
2010               Ringa Ringa
2011               Fakta Ladh Mhana
2013               Duniyadari
2014               Pyaar Vali Love Story
2015               Tu Hi Re
2016               Guru
2018               Ye Re Ye Re Paisa 

We know that Sanjay Jadhav is a director, Cinematographer, Filmography of marathi film industry who is very active in marathi film production, direction in past 15 years.  Below, We have listed the names of Sanjay Jadhav, in which Cinematography by him.

List of Movies Cinematographer By Sanjay Jadhav

Year            Film                        Language

2004 Savarkhed: Ek Gaon Marathi
2004 Saatchya Aat Gharat Marathi
2005 Pak Pak Pakaak         Marathi
2005 Dombivali Fast         Marathi
2006 Aai Shapath..!                 Marathi
2007 Saade Maade Teen         Marathi
2007 Evano Oruvan                 Tamil
2008 Checkmate                 Marathi
2008 Mumbai Meri Jaan         Hindi
2008 C Kkompany                 Hindi
2009 Jogwa                         Marathi
2010 Khichdi: The Movie Hindi
2010 Ringa Ringa                 Marathi
2011 Stand By                         Hindi
2011 Zakaas                         Marathi
2011 Society Kaam Se Gayi Hindi
2011 Fakt Ladh Mhana         Marathi
2012 Chintoo                         Marathi
2012 Aayna Ka Bayna         Marathi
2014 A Rainy Day                 Marathi
2014 Pyaar Vali Love Story Marathi

The nick name Sanjay Jadhav is Dada, and now he is going to make new marathi movie with Abhinay Berde, who debuted through Ti Saddhya Kay Karte marathi movieAbhinay Berde is a chocolatey, young actor of marathi cinema and we are expected very much from him through his upcoming movies.  And now, Sanjay Jadhav is a director of new marathi movie acted by Abhinay Berde.

We can provide further information about this movie which is directed by Sanjay Jadhav and actor Abhinay Berde.  We'll also update all the details along with movie name, movie story, other cast of this movie.

So Stay Tune!